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Financial Options

You may not know this, but there are a variety of ways available to finance your diesel mechanic training. And the Student Finance Planners at WyoTech can help you sort through the various financial aid options that are open to you.

Most students receive financial aid to attend college - whether it's in the form of loans, scholarships, grants, or even work-study programs. And many of these options might be open to you. It's just a matter of applying to as many programs for which you might possibly qualify.

Here's a brief lists of just a few financial aid programs you should look into:

Student Loans

There are many government-based loans. These loans are funded by the government to help students pay for their school expenses. The Perkins loans* are offered to students who have an exceptional financial need. These loans are low-interest and can help cover the remaining costs of your education.


Grants never need to be paid back. This is essentially free money available to students who qualify to help them pay for their educational expenses.


Many students think that scholarships are only available for students with perfect grades - and that's not the case. There may be many scholarships that are based on ethnicity, experiences, gender, hobbies/interests, etc. There may even be scholarships based on essays.

Talk with a WyoTech Student Finance Planner to learn more about the financial aid options available to you. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

*The Federal Perkins Loan is only available at some WyoTech campuses. Check with an WyoTech Student Finance Planner for more information.

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